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The scene design of USB is divided for two different nations. One is the most important set of USB world. The other is the set of fancy base. The style of my scenes is mechanical rather than high technology so as to create an atmosphere of decay of high technology.

USB world is the main stage for my animation. It contains numerous screen displays, large scale machines and complicated circuits. The displayer is crucial part as in our daily life when we want to use USB, we need a displayer to pass on information to us.

Fancy base is the hometown of the leading character Rundull. When I created the set of the scene, I combined some humanity elements so as to compare with the other set of scene. I also combined the ancient Chinese window structures.





The characters design of USB reflects the usage of USB. So there are lots of plugs and illustrations of USB. I adopted hand painting in creating characters. I mainly use montage of traditional paper puppet and computer software for the creation of characters.


The production of USB is similar to the production of paper puppet animation. I was inspired by producing pure paper puppet animation Undersea-Files.

However, this time I used hand painting of lines with the application of computer for colors part. Moreover, I bounded software to create the film. In my mind, computer production could not replace hand painting. Although it was a tough job of hand painting for the animation, I enjoyed the process of creation.

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