Festivals & Awards: 

Grand Jury Winner - Special Jury Mention - 16th Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2017 (US)

Jury Award - 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival 2017 (Academy Award® Qualifying, United States)

Invitation Screening - Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films 2017 "Let's Talk About Sex" Session (Czech)

Winner of Special Storytelling Designation - Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015

Best Animation - Bucharest Short Film Festival 2016

Finalist of Best Animation - Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015 

 Nomination of Best Animation - USC First Look Film Festival 2016 (United States)

Foreign Film Bronze Award - The 13th Global Chinese Universities Film and TV Festival (Hong Kong)

People's Choice Award - The Third Culture Film Festival 2017 (Hong Kong)

Silver Medal - 1st Golden Shuanmazhuan Student Film Festival (Xi'an, China)

Best Sound - British Animation Film Festival 2016 (England)

Finalist of Student & Youth Media - 59th CINE Golden Eagle Award 

 Distinction Award - Athens Animation Festival 2016 (Greece)

Winner & Official Selection - Animaze Daze Festival Animation Day in Cannes Film Festival (France)

Best Animation - Diversanima Festival 2015 (Chile)

Special Mention: Animation - Festigious Film Festival 2016

National Award: Special Mention - Shnit International Short Film Festival 2016 (Multiple cities all over the world)

The Best 2d Project  - The Vision Feast 2016 

Official Selection - 43rd Athens International Film + Video Festival 2016 (Academy Award® Qualifying) 

Official Selection - Corfu Animation Festival 2015 (Greece)

Official Selection - Cutout Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival (Mexico)

Official Selection - Bogota Short Film Festival 2016 (Columbia)

Official Selection - Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival (Japan)

Official Selection - La Guarimba Film Festival (Amantea ,Italy)

Official Selection - British Animation Film Festival 2016 (England)

Official Selection - KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2015 

Official Selection - Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2016 (US)

Official Selection - 17th San Diego Asia Film Festival (US)

Second Place Award - Audience Award Animation Shorts Film Competition

Transilvania Shorts International Short Film Festival 2017 (Romania)

Official Selection - Animocje Animated Film Festival 2017

Official Selection - Toronto Reel Asia International Film Festival "Parental Control" Session (Canada)

Official Selection - DC Shorts Film Festival (US)

Official Selection - Tally Shorts Films Festival 2016 
Official Selection - Dam Short Film Festival 2017 (US)

Official Selection - 6th Ars Independent Festival 2016 (Poland)

Official Selection - 12th Monterrey Intl. Film Festival 2016 (MX)

Official Selection - Court Métrange International Festival 2016 (France)

Official Selection - BANJALUKA International Animated Film Festival 2016 

Official Selection - 12th Budapest Short Film Festival 2016 (HU)

Official Selection - Havah International Short FIlm Festival 2016

Official Selection - 17th San Diego Asian Film Festival (United States)

Official Selection - Underexposed Film Festival 2016 (United States)

Official Selection - RabbitFest International Animation Festival 2016 (Italy) 

Official Selection - USC First Frame Festival (USA)

Official Selection - Animasyros International Animation Festival (Greece)

Official Selection - Indiearth Animation Film Festival (India)

Official Selection - Kuala Lumpur ECO Film Festival (Malaysia)

Official Selection - Spark Animation Festival 2015 (Vancouver, Canada)

Official Selection - Laguna Film Festival 2015 (USA)

Official Selection - Weyauwega International Film Festival 2015 (USA)

Official Selection - 66th Montecatina International Short Film Festival (USA)

Official Selection - Twister Alley International Film Festival 2016 (USA)

Official Selection - The DRAWTASTIC Festival of Drawing & Animation 2016 (USA)

Official Selection - Animation Attack! 2016 

Official Selection - ANNY: Animation Night New York 2016 (USA)

Official Selection - Animation Nights New York Best of Fest 2016 (USA)

Official Selection - ±8 Chinese Independent Animation Screening (Chengdu, China)

Official Selection - Xining FIRST International Film Festival (China)

Official Selection - ScareLA 2016 (USA)

Official Selection - 10th A Night of Horror/ Fantastic Planet Film Festival (Australia)

Official Selection - British Animation Film Festival 2016 (England)

Official Selection - Berkeley Video & Film Festival (2016) (US)

Official Selection - 6th Irvine Film Festival 2017 (US)

Official Selection - 5th China Independent Animation Forum (Beijing, China)

Pokey Pokey | 2015 | 06:43

Director / Animator / Writer

Pokey Pokey is a dark humor and horror animated short that depicts a father and his journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city, discussing the over-protection phenomenon to children and related social issues. Pokey Pokey has been awarded in film festivals and competitions all over the world.

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